Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final: Congressional District 6 in Florida

Above: DeSantis with Democrat Heather Beaven at a debate. Stock Photo.
Above: DeSantis in his Navy uniform. Stock Photo.
Above: While campaigning DeSantis made an appearance on Fox News. Stock Photo.
Congressional District 6 of Florida, which is mostly located in St. Johns County but includes some of Flagler, Putnam and Volusia counties, typically votes for republican candidates. Out of a total of 153,620 registered voters in St. Johns County, 81,412 are registered republicans where as there are 39,014 registered democrats and 33,194 registered with another affiliation. This is echoed in the surrounding areas of Flagler, Putnam and Volusia counties. The two candidates that ran in the 2012 Congressional race were Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Heather Beaven. DeSantis won the election with 57.2 percent of the vote where as Beaven had 42. 8 percent. It would have been easy for DeSantis to win this district simply because he is a republican. Although the majority of the voters in District 6 are indeed registered republicans, they hardly cross party lines. So being a republican already lends a helping hand. However, his background of being a military veteran is also another indicator as to why republicans in this area elected him. He ran on the policy positions of a typical republican. For instance, DeSantis is for cutting spending in order to reduce the deficit and is also for not giving the government all of the power. "Don't make government work like a business it's inherently inefficient," contends DeSantis. "You need to be intent on reducing size, scope and influence of government." Going along the lines of reducing government; DeSantis supports term limits, pay based off of performance (which he stated that there should be no pay until a budget is passed) as well as ending pensions for Congress.Overall, DeSantis had an easy time getting elected for his first time running for public office. With the support of his district behind him, hopefully he will have a good run in Congress come the new year. DeSantis will have to prove to the people of Congressional District 6 that there vote was indeed cast for the correct person by doing a superb job for the district. And if he does not do an adequate job for the people, the district will not be shy in finding someone else who will.